How To Start a Blog


If you want to start a blog, you have come to the right place. Here, we have got step by step guide to start a blog, specially written for absolute beginners.

This is a beginner-friendly and comprehensive website that will help you learn everything you need to start your very first blog.

how to start a blog

Start Your Own Blog Now!

You don’t even need to know the jargons of web development and web designing! Just follow the steps below to find out how to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Follow the steps mentioned below to start a blog in just few minutes of time.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

Before you start creating a blog, you need to register a domain name.

A domain name is the address of your blog. People type this in their web browser in order to reach to your website. Choose something that represents the topic of your blog, is ‘brandable’, short and easy to remember.

However, in this step, just decide a domain name, don’t register. In next step, I will show you how you can get a domain name for free.

Don’t be in hurry with this step. Once you have registered a domain name, you can’t change it. If you must, you need to register another domain name. You can check the availability of domain names of your choice on, or any other domain registrar.

Here are some tips on how to choose best domain name.

Step 2: Select a Web Host for your Blog

Once you have finalized the domain name, it’s time to find out the perfect web host that fits your needs. You need a web host to place all the files, scripts and images related to your website on a server.

Don’t worry if that sounds difficult. We have done all the research for you. So, you don’t need to do all the research on your own. Read it below.

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Also, they provide a free domain name when you sign up for their web hosting service!

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Step 3: Start Creating the Blog

Now it’s time to install WordPress on your web host and start building your blog. You don’t require any coding skills or technical jargon to be able to create a blog.

Read here How to install WordPress on web host.

Alternatively, you can have a trusted expert at your service absolutely FREE of any cost! Yes, we can install WordPress for free. Check here for more details.

If you want to do it yourself, here is a video to help you install WordPress.

How to Choose a Topic for your Blog

If you are going to start a blog, you need to first figure out the topic on which you would be writing. It’s needless to say that you need to choose the topic wisely because the future of your blog will depend on this.

Read this article to know how to choose the topic of your blog.

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