Pick a Domain Name for Your Blog

Choosing a good domain name is very important step for long term success of your blog. In this article, we will discuss what points you should consider, how to register a domain name and finally some tools that you can use.


Before you choose a domain name for your blog, you should understand the difference between domain and subdomain. A domain name is something like www.yourdomainname.com while a subdomain name is like yourdomain.theirdomain.com. For example www.startwordpressblog.com Vs startwordpressblog.blogspot.com. You can get a subdomain for free if you host a blog on free platforms such as blogger, wordpress.com, typepad etc.

However, having your own domain name will make your blog look more professional and increase the credibility of your blog, as compared to a free-subdomain name. Above all, your  domain is something you can truely call “your own”, which is not the case for a free subdomain.

Additionally, there won’t be any restrictions for your self hosted blog with your own domain.

Points to Consider While Choosing a Domain Name

While choosing the domain name, keep your blog topic in mind. (Read How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog.)

Your Domain Name Should be:

  • Simple
  • Brandable
  • Easy to remember
  • As short as possible
  • Easy to spell

Use Keywords in Your Blog’s Domain Name

Ideally you should include the relevant keywords in your domain. It will sound relevant to your business or the topic you blog about. The blog visitors will understand the benefits easily.

Apart from that, having keyword in the domain name helps boost your search engine rankings. It will help you get more traffic through the search engines. So you better think of the keywords relevant to your blog topic and choose use them in the domain name.

Avoid Hyphens and numerics

Using hyphens in the domain name creates confusion and makes it difficult to remember. Similalry, having numerics in the domain name is also not recommended. So you better avoid hyphens as well as numbers while choosing domain name for your blog.

TLD or Domain Extension

TLD stands for top level domain (.com, .net, .org etc). No doubt .com is most popular and oldest TLD. It is easy for people to remember and taken as default. However, you can look beyond that. For example, you can use country specific TLD (such as .co.uk, .co.in etc) if your blog’s audience is from that particular country only. Similarly organizations can use .org extension.

How to Register Your Domain Name

Check for the domain name availability on GoDaddy. Registering a domain name usually costs you roughly around $10-$12 per year.

But hold on before you register your first domain name. You will get 1 domain name for free when you register for the web hosting account in next tutorial.

If you want to register additional domain names, you can do that on GoDaddy (They are the world’s largest domain registrar). Just log on to GoDaddy Website and they will guide you through 3 simple steps.

Tools to Find Domain Names

There are plenty of tools available online for brainstorming and generating ideas for domain name. I have compiled a list which I use and found really usefull.


        – It asks you for a primary and a secondry keyword. Based on different combinations, it will come up with a list of available domain names.


      – Apart from the domain generator tool, I like their contests. Sometimes you get cool domain names from those contests.

Disclaimer: If you register your domain with Godaddy using my affiliate link, I will earn a commission. The reason I recommend them is they are world’s number 1 domain registrar and my first preference too. If you do make a purchase using my affiliate link, thanks so much for your support!
Image Credit: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net