WordPress Maintenance

wordpress_blog_maintenanceStartWordPressBlog provides wordpress maintenance services and that includes updation of wordpress core files, plugins and themes, optimization of your wordpress site, security management, database and plugin audits and and Checking the RSS and social media feeds. We also find & delete unused stuff on your website thereby optimizing your wordpress website.

Why WordPress Maintenance is Required?

WordPress is in a state of constant development. It includes new releases, addition of new functionalities, fixing of known bugs and closure of security loopholes. This is the primary reason why WordPress core files needs to be updated on a regular basis. Similarly, plugins and themes are updated to newer version to keep up with the latest wordpress version and also to fix any bugs or security loopholes in their previous release. Hence, theme and plugin updates need to be considered in you manitenance plans.

Due to huge popularity of wordpress, it is easy target for hackers. Hackers can attack the outdated code, or plugins with loop holes. If you ignore wordpress maintenance procedures required to block security loopholes, you risk a hacked website. No matter how well you do your wordpress development part, you still need to keep your site up-to-date in order to avoid any embarresement of being owner of a hacked website.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

Basic -$50 per month
It includes monthly backup of all WordPress files, theme files, plugins and database backup. Updation of wordpress core files, plugins and theme. Security management and checking security loopholes.

Advanced – $100 per month
All features of basic package and system audits, checking social media feeds, optimization of website.

Supreme – $250 per month
All features of Advanced package but on weekly basis. Plus SEO audits and optimization.

If you have any query or need help in chossing the right package according to your needs, feel free to contact us using the contact form on right sidebar.